10 reasons to choose Little Joey's Nursery

Little Joey’s is a family nursery, run by staff who understand how important your child is.

Your child will be looked after by qualified, experienced and loving staff.

You get 4 weeks holiday at 1/2 price - twice what other nurseries offer!

The nursery is fully air conditioned, to ensure children are comfortable at all times.

Children will enjoy access to Boomerang's soft play facilities. You can also use Boomerang free of charge after nursery sessions.

For your convenience we offer extended hours between 7:30am & 6:00pm.

Nutritious, tasty meals & snacks prepared & cooked onsite.

Children have their own fun & educational outdoor play area.

Parents can access a private Facebook page, to keep them up to date on all the latest news at the nursery.

You’ll receive 10 free settling in sessions to help you and your child get used to your new routine.

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