Private Garden & Outdoor Play Area

Your child's outdoor area is perfect all year round. It's well shaded in the summer and just as fun to enjoy while all wrapped up in the winter!

Used daily, children love playing with sand and water, toy cars, tricycles, mini swings and slides, balls and outdoor games, play houses and a climbing frame.

It is in the outdoors that children can fully and freely experience motor skills like running, leaping, and jumping. It is also the most appropriate area for the practice of ball-handling skills, like throwing, catching, and striking. Children can also perform other such manipulative skills as pushing a swing, pulling a wagon, and lifting and carrying movable objects.

The outdoors has something more to offer than just physical benefits. Each area of learning is encouraged and made accessible outdoors as it is indoors so every child has the ability to develop their skills in all areas of the EYFS.

The Little Joey's garden is secured by fences and gates and is completely private.

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Sensory Room

A peaceful paradise of calm lighting, music and sensory toys. Here, your child will experience new textures and surfaces, relax and have fun with their friends.

Soft Play

Your child will have full access to all of Boomerang's huge soft play areas.

With multi-level play frame, slides, ball ponds and a bouncy castle children are able to explore safely and gain confidence in all aspects of adventure play.

We only use these areas during quiet times and all Nursery children wear high-viability vests, while under constant supervision of the Nursery staff.

You're also able to use Boomerang's facilities completely free of charge before or after your child's nursery session!

Disco Room

Your child will have an amazing time at Boomerang's disco room!​

The children love having the space all to themselves, listening to their favourite Disney tunes and dancing around in front of the mirrors.

The light up dance floor and responsive laser lights combine to make an exciting, sensory experience that is enjoyed by everyone!

Private use out our Disco room