3 FREE Settling in Sessions

Here at Little Joey's we understand how difficult it can be to leave your child for the first time.

We also care hugely about the importance of your child being cared for in a setting that they enjoy and feel comfortable in.

That's why we offer you 3 completely free settling in sessions, to make the process easier for you and your little ones. 

Session 1:
We'll ease you in with a one hour session, where we'll ask you to stay on site, but outside of the Nursery. You can relax while you wait with a complimentary hot drink (Starbucks!) and slice of cake or even lunch - it's on us!

Session 2:

This time it's two hours. You're welcome to stay on site again and enjoy another complimentary lunch or, this time, feel free to leave and come back when the two hours is complete.

Session 3:

The final settling in session is four hours long. This time we ask that you leave the site completely. By this time your child should see Little Joey's as a familiar setting where they can play, learn and make friends.  

Contact us today for more information or a show around!

01225 702000

01225 702000

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