Koala Room

Ages 3 months - 2 years

At Little Joey’s we are dedicated and passionate about ensuring the happiness and care of your baby. We believe a consistent routine and a safe environment along with caring, familiar and knowledgeable staff is key to your child’s development and well-being. Your little "Koala's" room is designed specifically to ensure a homely, welcoming feel so that your children feel as happy and comfortable as possible. Your little one won't miss out on that most important rest as we offer a separate sleep room with cots, mobiles and night light. Your child will enjoy an environment with lots of space for adventures and exploring and that offers a wide variety of activities, based on their interests. Messy play is always a favourite!

Emu Room

Ages 2 - 3 years

Your "Emu's" room is full of fun and all children get involved in a variety of activities. It is within this room we start encouraging independence and confidence and ensure your children have the opportunity to do this daily. Your child will enjoy activities that are stimulating, challenging and cover all 7 areas of their learning. Our staff are trained to observe the children in their learning and encourage them to be inquisitive and provide positive support and praise for their efforts. Your child will begin to encounter the concepts of shapes, colours, counting and imaginative play within this room and within their outdoor facilities, which they use daily.


Kangaroo Room


Activities within the pre-school room's differ according to your child’s stage of development. The room's are arranged to ensure the children have many choices of activities and resources, each with different learning outcomes. The play that we offer builds on previous learning and takes into account each child’s concentration span and developmental skills.

Creativity and individual expression will be encouraged. Your child will enjoy different activities to help them become involved and ensure that they are rotated regularly to maintain the child’s interest. We do group activities which are held in our key groups which are usually about 10-15 minutes long before changing to a completely different activity to allow the children to remain engaged, during which time we make observations. There is always crafts, letter and sounds, literacy and mathematics activities out during this time.​

Staff naturally incorporate in discussions about numbers, shapes, letters, sounds and colours to introduce numeracy and literacy into their play.​

It is very important to build a firm and solid foundation in the early years. Research based on the needs of the child during the early years, point to the importance of education before going to infant school. Evidence suggests that children who have had exposure to books, numbers and creative resources before attending school, are more enthusiastic, confident and intellectually stimulated. It is during the first vital years of life that a young child is capable of learning more than at any other period of time.

All seven areas of learning are covered during the day through various planned and child initiated activities. Our Kangaroo room, is a bigger and busier room allowing a maximum capacity of 32 children at once. The focus within this room is ensuring children are prepared and ready for school during their last year of nursery.

At Little Joey's, your child will have the best possible start to education, friendships and play.